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Cohort 5 Pitch Videos

Cohort 5 Pitches

Atomix Pharmaceuticals

We develop and market pharmaceutical products, using evidence-based science, specific for athletes and athletic recovery.


Where homeowners can easily hire reliable and trusted contractors to complete their projects; and contractors can easily connect with qualified homeowners allowing them to focus on getting the job done.

Bloom Youth Development

Bloom is a self-development program for students aged 6-16. We ensure that along with their academic education, students also learn & practice the equally important 35+ soft skills for their self-development in a way that they love!


BLUMEx Catalyzes Ventures with Media. Join our community of Catalysts using media to support thinkers, dreamers, and makers as we explore the intersection of the Creator & Innovation Economies.

Big Rock Mountain Inc.

We predict failure before it happens then provide you with the solutions and suppliers you need for less down time and increased revenues.


Cheffery is a dedicated food service platform that acts as a digital marketplace enabling independent chefs the opportunity to promote their dishes to a wider audience. Cheffery connects chefs to clients eager for quality dining using digital marketing and advertising.

Creative Genius Academy

Creative Genius Academy is a school designed to help individuals realize their creative potential. The academy brings art to everyone, regardless of background or experience and teaches students to break out of their comfort zone, explore new mediums and have a great experience learning!

Desserts App

Desserts App is a mobile app that eases customizing and purchasing desserts online from local dessert shops and bakeries. We help bakeries list all of their products, quickly take custom complex orders (e.g. three-tier unicorn cakes), and increase sales at affordable costs while allowing customers to purchase precisely desired tastes in seconds.

Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash is a solution that’s aimed to help restaurants improve customer experience by streamlining the order and pay process. Our dine-in ordering platform enables customers to order and pay directly from their smart devices via our app by simply scanning a QR code. Orders go directly into the POS system, making adoption quick and easy for restaurants.

Genuine Taste

Genuine taste is producing cultivate fat to add genuine taste, aroma and texture to alternative meat. Our product will make alternative meat taste meaty while addressing the demands of future of food industry.

Haletale Inc.

Haletale is a residential property rental platform that facilitates seamless transition for newcomers when they move to a new country.


We believe it is time for a shift. We want to empower women. The way we do this is by producing products which are simple, healthy and addresses women’s specific needs. We reinvent snack for women. We have targeted women’s menstruation difficulties and symptoms for now.

Hibou Systems Inc.

Hibou Systems is a deep tech startup focusing on localization and situational awareness. We provide specialized indoor mapping solutions saving time when it matters most.


KULAR AirStovesOne Inc. is an innovative clean bio-mass burning technology platform that offers near-zero carbon emissions at a very low cost of operation.

Machine Learning Estimation

We count equipment like AC Units and fans on construction drawings so that estimators can save time and quote more projects.

MainNet Labs

An online marketplace where people can buy and sell real estate at a low, fixed cost, saving tens of thousands by representing themselves.


Oombo is a safety equipment company that delivers traffic safety solutions that challenge traditional, outdated equipment. We place an intense focus on innovative engineering design with every feature and function of our products ensure workers are safeguarded in any situation.

Pegasus Aeronautics Corporation

Pegasus has facilities to design, prototype, and test a wide variety of powertrain products. Pegasus prides itself in developing cutting-edge technology intended to revolutionize the UAV industry, and provide industry-leading powertrain solutions and support to its customers.


We develop and manufacture affordable, realistic, and validated simulation technologies that facilitate skills training opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals, improving care delivery one simulator at a time.

Smoke & Tears

A new flavour paradigm. A flavour crescendo of Spicy, Smokey, Sweet, Salty, Tart, Bitter, and Umami. An essential ingredient as awe-inducing and transformative as the times it was created in.


At SwimNGo, we want to make the process of getting private swim lessons as convenient as possible. Whether you are an instructor or a swimmer, our mobile app can be of use with just a few simple clicks!

The Happy Era Ltd.

The Happy Era serves up handmade, high-protein waffles that give you energy for a happy, full life! Their ready-to-eat waffles – the ultimate comfort food – are high in protein, fibre and healthy fats to keep you full, focused and ready for anything.

ViB Digital

At ViB Digital, we envision a world where anyone can empower and transform their lives through conscious manifesting. We aim to bring the 1st vision board for TVs stimulating deeper connections and outstanding sensorial experiences for users, bringing them closer to achieving their goals.


Werkspat is an on-demand coworking platform that connects workers with hotdesks in hospitality spaces such as cafés, restaurants, lounges and bars. We are looking to redefine the future of work.

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