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Our alumni have been where you are. They’ve jumped the first hurdle, then the next. They’re living the life of an entrepreneur, with all of its ups and downs, on their journeys towards making their startup a success.

Alumni Journeys

Our success is reflected in the success of our Accelerator participants.


MinuteSkill is a social learning network for founders, investors, accelerators and tech innovators. As a member of Cohort 2, MinuteSkill shares their experience with the Treefrog Accelerator.


Affordablii is expanding homeownership across North America with an end-to-end, fintech-enabled transaction platform that removes friction from co-ownership arrangements.

Creative Genius Academy

Creative Genius Academy is a school designed to help individuals realize their creative potential. Founder Sylvia Chan shares her experience with the Treefrog Accelerator.


Stay tuned for more exciting information on some of our Alumni’s journeys through the Treefrog Accelerator!


Stay tuned for more exciting information on some of our Alumni’s journeys through the Treefrog Accelerator!

“Every Lesson Curated”

“The Treefrog Accelerator was my first introduction to the real world of business outside of my own company. I learned about every stage of a startup, from ideation to rounds of funding, and what to do at every step along the way. Every lesson was curated to help startups like us as much as possible, and we learned something crucial about our own business from every speaker. It was great to see the perspectives and lessons learned from all sorts of different experts in the startup ecosystem, from lawyers and accountants to angel investors and other entrepreneurs. I recommend this program to any entrepreneur/startup, at any point of their journey, who wants to gain the necessary skills needed to grow in today’s business climate and make meaningful connections with industry leaders and other like-minded entrepreneurs.. “

Kyle Ospreay
Head Teacher, Northern Academy (Cohort 3)

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