Our International Program Partners

Successful startups aren’t built in isolation; they rely on a collaborative ecosystem that fuels innovation, nurtures talent, and drives progress.

Our Local

Business Ecosystem

We’ve formed incredible partnerships that support our startups, helping them grow and take on new challenges. York Region, in which we’re located, is home to over 4,300 ICT companies in a broad range of categories. It is also adjacent to the Toronto-Waterloo Region Corridor, which is the second-largest technology cluster in North America and one of the world’s fastest-growing technology hubs.

Creating Opportunities, Building Networks

The Treefrog Accelerator is able to draw on our vast ecosystem network to support our participants at every step of the way: from business fundamentals to finding the right connections, we’re committed to creating opportunities for your growth in Canada. 

We’re constantly developing and nurturing new relationships to help your business grow.

International Program Partners & Business Consultants

PORCH – An Exclusive Community for Immigrant Entrepreneurs & Professionals


CanGoal Immigration

Ecosystem Partners


Kanata Ventures

York Angel Investors


Mindframe Connect


HubSpot for Startups

AWS Activate

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