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Can anyone apply?

There are different criteria based on the program you are applying for. Please see <> for more information.

Why should I apply?

You get access to world-class speakers, mentors, and exclusive programs offered by our <partners>. If you are looking to scale your startup, the Treefrog Accelerator can help take your business to the next level.

How do I apply?

Visit the application page, fill out the form, and a member of our intake team will review your application.

When is the deadline to apply?

We accept applications until two weeks prior to the start of a new cohort.

When will I hear back about my application?

You will hear back within 1-2 weeks if your application was successful.

How does the application process work?

After submitting an application, it will be reviewed by our intake team. A member of that team will reach out and let you know if your application was successful. If it is, we will book a more comprehensive interview prior to the start of the program.

Does each co-founder apply to the program or is it a team application?

Our application form is one per business. Please list how many co-founders will be participating in the program.

Can I apply if I have an established startup?

Yes! Our program is designed to equip pre-seed/seed stage start-ups and scale-ups with essential skills they need to grow.

Can I join the program if my company is already incorporated?

Yes! If you have recently incorporated or will do so soon, you can apply.

Once accepted to the program, what is expected of me as a participant?

Our program fills up fast and there is usually a waitlist. This means that if you are selected we expect that you take full advantage of our program. As a participant you are expected to attend 95% of all sessions and participate to get the full value. There will be opportunities to build your network and meet other entrepreneurs, mentors, VCs, and industry experts… but you can only do that if you are present.

How many founders will be in the program?

Each cohort will include an average of 50 founders from a number of diverse industries. 

How much does the Accelerator cost?

The regional program is free for Ontario-based businesses. For details on the International program see our International Program page.

I have a startup idea. Can you help me?

The Treefrog Accelerator will offer more value to businesses that have already gained market traction and have validated their model. With that being said, you are still free to apply if you have an idea that has strong potential to scale.

What types of content do you cover?

Please see the program page for the types of content we cover.

What’s the difference between the Regional and International SUV programs?

The Regional program is open to Ontario-based startups. The International program is open to international businesses looking to relocate to Canada. The program content for each program can be found on the Regional Program and the International program.

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