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Our Startups

Our Startups

Altohelix provides professional training and services in the operation of Drones and other robotics. They are also a Boston Dynamics and DJI distributor.

Arcpoint Connect turns parking spaces into charging places. Arcpoint Connect provides solutions to property managers enabling them to convert parking spaces into EV charging places.

Beaut is a geolocation-based mobile application that provides a streamlined process to shop for trending hairstyles done by mobile hairdressers in their area. Hairstylists are able to grow their clientele and promote hair products to their clients for maintenance and upkeep.

BisRing is a real estate networking platform that connects investors with service providers for long lasting relationships, community collaborations and to help each other reach their financial goals.

Come To Agreement serves divorced or separated couples and their children with tailored insurance and collaboration software to stay organized as a family, and a professional directory to find support.

Culture Ally is a diversity and inclusion software that engages employees with personalized, ongoing learning to help companies build inclusive cultures where people can do their best work. User analytics, consulting, and training services also help organizations drive positive change and achieve company objectives.

Emblazon Pictures is an independent film production company that designs and pulls together a league of like-minded talent and filmmakers to create, produce and deliver current and meaningful Canadian film content.

Edgecom Energy develops custom hardware and software to simplify the management of energy. This leads to lower costs and less emissions.

Esports How provides no-risk solutions for professionals looking to land a job in esports, one of the hottest and fastest growing industries worldwide.

Erthos is an advanced materials science company that develops 100% compostable alternatives to traditional single-use plastics. The raw material is available to manufacturers and is compatible with existing plastic processing technology. Their line of end-products offer plant-based single-use plastic solutions.

Foodpedia is an machine-learning based app which allows users to quickly identify and alertthemselves to potential allergens in food products, while purchasing food. Additionally, users can meal-plan and manage their health on an ongoing basis to ensure their food sensitivities and allergies are being taken care of. Treefrog has provided mentorship through pre-revenue growth and technical support to build through investorship, marketing support, business development, technical development and more.

Forma Dynamic is an online 3D configurator that allows you to create custom shape and size furniture on demand. The customer chooses the design and form for their furniture in augmented reality. It will then be custom manufactured and shipped to them directly. Easy, fun and fast.
FeelXR focuses on the furniture industry. They transform 3D renderings of physical products into an AR experience that easily integrates into existing e-commerce platforms. Clients are able to view the furniture in their space within seconds to better inform their purchasing decisions, using any smartphone

Giden is an online creator marketplace that empowers interior designers to monetize content creation and for manufacturers to discover designer influencers and create marketing campaigns. Giden streamlines the way home decor and furnishing manufacturers manage their media buying and affiliate collaborations.

GuyBean offers off-peak hour discounts through our restaurant partners through a web-based platform.

Heather is an experienced holistic therapist, yoga teacher, and speaker offering solutions to the angst of physical, mental, and emotional stress. She is working on leveraging technology to get quick relaxation tools into the hands of the masses in a structured, and measurable way.

HiGarden has created a regenerative food system for homes, buildings, and communities. It’s a disruptive technology and methodology that brings food affordability, safety, security, and diversity to the hands of the consumers and communities

Jobdoh A smart-hiring platform that connects international and Canadian employers with on-demand and temporary workers quickly, while providing a one-stop-show solution including payroll. Candidates benefit from an increased flexibility to earn extra income quickly and an improved upward mobility through the transparent record keeping system.

Laser Creative is Canada’s premiere custom design + laser production studio offers couture wedding, mitzvah + special event invitations + accoutrements, home + office decor, uniquely challenging custom production runs, and bespoke B2B + B2C promotional items. If you dream of luscious papers, shimmery mica coated or pillowy matte cardstocks, real wood or modern acrylic, rustic, fine or alternate leathers, they will bring your dreams to sweet fruition!

mentalED creates innovative and comprehensive mental health education for Canadian youth. Their mission is to tackle the youth mental health crisis through early, engaging, and ongoing education; by teaching mental health from the ground up.

MinuteSkill is a social micro learning platform where students can learn any skill under one platforms in under 10 minutes while staying socially connected, but without having entertainment based distractions

Mood Milk creates colorful, plant-based coffee alternatives that pack a nutrient punch. Formulated by a nutritionist, each blend combines powerful superfoods and botanicals to nourish at every sip.

myLaminin is a modern, highly secure, and immutable platform using Blockchain-enabled technology. Simplifying Life, Business, and Government. myLaminin is unlocking the potential and power of digital documentation. Unlike existing paper-based document management protocols, it simplifies and streamlines personal document transference, while keeping the owners of that information directly in control and in charge.

Psymood is an online platform that connects people with mental health professionals based on their language, culture, religion, reason for seeking care and more. Their platform manages appointment bookings and payments to make it easy to access tailored mental health support.

qBiq is the easiest and most engaging way to monitor the things you care about most. Together withits beautifully designed and easy to use app, qBiq enables you to monitor, share and set custom notifications based on changes in environmental data in your home or office. Treefrog has mentored through pre-revenue growth and technical support to build through investorship, marketing support, business development, technical development and more.

Quote Kong makes it so that residential contractors accidentally get organized! They take the complex and make it simple.

Robocrop is an AI applied design for automated seed farm inspection to be used by the Canadian Seed Growers Association and affiliated Authorized Seed Crop Inspectors.

RoboRep is a remote Operating Room (OR) telepresence system (robot) that provides on-demand, real-time, technical support during OR procedures, to ensure the safe and effective use of the medical devices being used in surgery through telepresence experts accessing live surgeries using camera and laser technology. Treefrog has provided mentorship through pre-revenue growth and technical support to build through investorship, marketing support, business development, technical development and more.

Rosor is an airborne geophysics company, specializing in magnetic surveillance for identifying base and precious metal deposits. Their company integrates novel data acquisition technology to improve the quality of geophysical data while lowering cost and turnaround time

ScissorsCut is a mobile application connecting beauty professionals with families looking for hair, nails, skin care and makeup services to be done at their home. They’re the Uber for In-Home Beauty Services!

Silent Auctions Canada is a full-service silent auction provider for in-person and virtual charity and fundraiser events. Their team manages all logistics of silent auctions at charity functions, galas, and golf tournaments and currently offers a fully virtual bidding platform for online events.

Stabl is the first digital health platform that uses computer vision to track and quantify a patient’s joint mechanics using just a laptop camera during virtual physiotherapy. Physiotherapists are able to diagnose and monitor a patient’s progress through 12 clinical mobility assessments, while patients are continuously updated on their progress.

Stayeh!cation is a unique Canadian program that’s designed to spark the love and appreciation for everything local through an organized, action-driven and strategic long-term planning. It utilizes technology and community building in a central hub, with a mandate to benefit all participating parties and the economy at large. It’s a true Eh!

Traction Health is a network of wearable sensors collecting biometric data to monitor health and performance in real time. The analytics engine provides real-time feedback and insight with the goal of improving the safety of first responders in the field.

Visita Virtual is an online communications platform to improve the quality of life for residents of long-term care by leveraging technology to deliver the highest quality virtual visit experience for them and their families.

IELTS Fluency is an all-in-one hub for newcomers to Canada who are required to take the IELTS test before starting their new life. They ensure that you not only pass your test, but also have access to all the resources you need to get a visa, a passport, a job, and apply to Colleges and Universities in Canada.

Maryh Inc. is a platform for mental health specialists to start and grow their independent private practice. Maryh empowers therapists with tools to market their practice ethically.

My Indie Coffee is a small batch coffee roastery specializing in small batch roasting of organic specialty coffee. Creating a memorable experience cup after cup!

PaySprint is an affordable method of sending and receiving money, paying invoices and getting paid at anytime. PaySprint for Merchants provides a no-fee payment gateway that enables merchants to accept and receive payments, through mobile app, web app and webpay

Prime Technology creates innovative products like our premiere product “Prime Energy Strips”, which provides a mint-flavoured burst of energy

Rain Technologies offers cloud solutions, outsourcing and Salesforce applications such as their Flagship Budget Manager solution. Experience their custom applications, staff augmentation and consultations for front and back-end users.

RouteSwift provides optimal route planning and delivery scheduling SaaS for Auto Parts & Fuel Delivery businesses. They help save 30% to 40% in drive time and fuel consumption.

RideAlike allows users to share, rent and swap vehicles in a trusted community of verified users that includes insurance and roadside assistance.

SDQS is developing a DIY digital tool, “VSigns”, to help organizations conduct a “Corporate Health Check” of their business across the 7 Vital Signs of business. VSigns is a “diagnosis lab” for businesses which, conducts tests on their current and future data while providing a snapshot of “business health,” allowing comparisons to peers and suggestions on ways to improve.

Stylesyh is a sales management tool for content creators building digital subscription businesses. Turn your skills into a members-only business.

TechEasy is on a mission to make technology easy and accessible for all Canadians. They connect people who need help with everything from their smartphones to their smart-homes, to local and friendly tech experts.

AiClues helps enterprises in their primary and secondary sales (through channel partners). They manage the sales process end to end starting from lead generation to contract closure.

BeTimeful makes social media less addictive by removing all distractions from platforms, so that you remain focused while using them.

FeedBack is a food ordering platform with a conscience. They give their customers access to discounted food and help vendor partners be financially sustainable while doing what they love. They also give back to the community by diverting excess food to anyone who may need it.

Findyourneighbourhood helps you choose a neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle and your
preferences in 3 easy steps.

Healthy Genie is a Toronto based, woman-owned food product company that specializes in date based spreads and treats that are vegan, all natural and made using 2-3 ingredients. Their mission is to prove that healthy is delicious and chic!

HeyWizard is a mobile platform that connects users to experts with on-demand or scheduled help at a fraction of the cost. Your all-in-one solution to get the help, advice, and expertise in one platform

HUEX Labs provides voice AI automation solutions for retail & brick-and-mortar businesses to augment current staff as a “digital-employee”.

MaxxSalary helps maximize your salary by providing the skills and confidence required to negotiate your compensation. Whether you’re getting your first job, looking for a new job, or want a raise for your current position, they can help you successfully negotiate a MaxxSalary.

NovoJolt is a new AI-powered platform for skill and talent development programs focused on children aged 5 to 18. They connect world class children’s program providers with parents and their children across the world.

Origyn Apparel reimagines fast fashion in favour of slow, purposeful, locally designed and made apparel where each element of a garment’s life is blockchain tracked and documented.

This isn’t your grandma’s cup of tea! At Plentea, their slogan has always been “Make New Patterns.” They believe in doing things differently and challenging the expectations of their business, goals and products.

A new way to earn, learn and grow. Project ANT is a full cycle solution to develop your skills, showcase your portfolio, and get relevant experience in your desired work function.

Quantified HR brings together experience in excess of 50+ years in the field of Recruitment, HR practices, HR technology, analytics and data visualization.

Rewardly is a loyalty fintech marketplace, focused on creating an advocate out of each customer by rewarding them for being local and social.

Shippie is a data-driven delivery technology business. Their mission is to standardize same-day delivery starting with the Greater Toronto Area.

Theffy is a platform that connects you with dependable and trustworthy helpers who complete your chores and tasks. You can get assistance with almost anything.

Twish Smart Shopping Companion is for big-ticket expenses to help busy compatriots shop ethnic products locally.

We-Watch is the next generation of neighbourhood watch. It’s the only solution providing people and businesses the ability to find and communicate with potential witnesses after an incident has occurred.

What’s The Plan solves the mess of organizing, booking and sharing group travel plans by providing curated travel itineraries from top bloggers and tourism boards. This gives users functional planning tools so they can spend less time crawling the web and more time enjoying their travels.

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