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Treefrog Accelerator

Our Team

Is Here for You

We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs who have been where you are now. From the late nights figuring out how to close a sale, to understanding how to fundraise, we know the struggles that lie ahead, and how daunting and real they are. We’ve lived it firsthand and because of that experience, we feel compelled to help others, just like you.

Our Promise to Founders

We support our founders every step of the way. In addition to our expert programming, our team is here to advise, make connections, and offer our diverse set of experiences and aptitudes as a resource. We take your time seriously. Our program is intense and effective, providing you the skills you need to take the next step with your business.

Meet: Our Accelerator Team

Sean Stephens

905-836-4442 x 109

James Daigle

Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
905-836-442 x 132

Laurie Baker

Executive Director

Sushmitha Thirumalaivasan

Manager, Programs 
905-836-4442 x 129 

Sisi Gong

International Program Manager

Aamer Siddiqui


Accelerate Your Business 

Contact if you want to be a speaker, volunteer, or partner. We would love to hear from you.