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Starting A Canadian Division Of Your Startup

International Curriculum
Regional Curriculum

Our goal is to help startups establish and grow a Canadian division that achieves a number of objectives by the end of the program:

A roadmap to achieve $500,000 in Canadian annual revenue

An ability to execute proof of concept projects with local Canadian enterprise clients

An ability to raise approximately $500,000 in investment from local Canadian investors

An ability to be accepted to other reputable Canadian incubator or accelerator programs

Delivering The Best Results With Best Practices

The program draws from proven methods of delivery to ensure consistent results. There are four pillars to our methodology:

  • Educational content is delivered via lectures presented by industry and domain experts
  • Pitch coaching and refinement
  • Weekly office hours with programing team
  • Mentorship from local business experts

Delivering The Best Results With Best Practices

The lecture-based educational content delivered by local industry and domain experts, is structured into two streams:

Content Stream 1:
Canadianizing of international businesses

Content Stream 2:
Business acceleration


When possible, events are an integral part of startup acceleration program design. Events help the cohort companies bond with their peers, share ideas, resources, make connections with mentors and local stakeholders.

Social Gatherings

Every week we will wrap the programming with a social event to be held at the Treefrog offices or local venues to promote collaboration between cohort members as well as a contextual shift with mentors, program staff and industry experts.

Demo Day

At the end of each program, welcomes back the mentors, program staff, industry experts, angel investors and Venture Capitalists for a showcase of the program participants.

The day is a celebration of everything that startups represent: the “a-ha” moment, the team formation, the company evolution and first milestones, first customers or revenue. The life of a Founder is rewarding but also very hard. It’s about the pure grit, drive and determination that founders go through to create something new and innovative, and, hopefully, something with the right product-market fit that will go on to form the next wave of tech. Ideally, this day will lead to investment, partnerships and acquisitions but, on its own, is the culmination of both the program and years of planning, resourcing and building a vision for each of the participants.

Nothing Can Slow the Accelerator

It is always our preference to deliver the program in person however, if necessary (respecting travel abilities and COVID restrictions), the entire program can be delivered remotely via video chat by industry and domain experts. The team has extensive experience leading remote projects and employs technology to facilitate activities (Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, email, Whimsical, Trello, etc.).

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