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Who Can Apply

Who Can Apply

Are You A Deep Technology International Startup?

The program is focused on attracting international startups with deep, disruptive technology who may have underdeveloped business models (branding, marketing, positioning, revenue model, pricing, sales, operations, recruiting etc.). can help in a variety of ways:

Develop a strategic, sustainable business model

Provide access to sophisticated business acumen from experienced mentors

Adapt and refine your business model to work well in Canadian and North American markets.

If you are…

  • Looking to expand your business to Canada/North America and are looking for soft landing assistance
  • Are motivated to leave your home country
  • Want and require access to a technical foundry
Apply Now

If you have…

  • Highly advanced technology that is world-class
  • A product in the market
  • Proficiency in English to effectively engage with the program
  • Displayed evidence of ability to conduct business internationally in other markets
  • Approximately US$250,000 in annual international revenue
  • Technology that has international market opportunity
  • Companies who have a clear line of sight to acquisition by a local incumbent
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